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Pyramid energy creates a cosmic antenna which tunes into universal energy sources. Using a pyramid will amplify the intensity of source energy. Connecting to source will put you in touch with your higher self who reminds you that we all have innate SUPERPOWERS.  Our body was designed to heal itself and will begin to do so with pyramid energy.  Meditations are deeper and more powerful, & manifestations are almost instantaneous!  Using the Russian Pyramid is like jumping ahead of the line to place your order with the universe.  It's EXTREMELY powerful and you must be VERY mindful of your thoughts when using it.  Energy Workers will receive a stronger, quicker connection to their client. 


Russian Pyramids get their name because for the past 30 years the Russian Government has been building this geometry pyramid all over Russia and finding AMAZING results.  Purification of water, reducing airborne pollution, increasing blood platelet count, improving longevity, enhancing the immune system, increasing athletic performance, diminishing severe weather, repairing the ozone, eliminating infant mortality rate, & enhancing plant growth by 20-400% have all been reported in the Russian research.  Russian Pyramids have a top angle of 76.345 degrees. They have more power than the Nubian Pyramids (72 degree angle) and the Giza Pyramids (51 degree angle). The steeper the angle, the more powerful the pyramid will be! I like to say Giza is like the dial up connection. The Russian Pyramid is like the high speed internet!!!


Featured in The Tartarian Empire 2:  Remnant Energy by Good Lion Films

Russian Geometry Meditation Pryamids

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