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Lisa Richards is a Frequency Influencer, Meditation Master, Spirit Communicator, & Dowser.  She's the owner of Pyramid Surge where she intuitively designs powerful, energy transformation tools as well as accessories for Meditation Pyramids.  She is Head Researcher and Vice Chairman of the Pyramid Science Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to pyramid energy research.  She's Co-Host of the Pyramid Science Foundation Livestream, Co-Host of the Sovereign Sister's Podcast and soon to be Host of her newest podcast, Alter Ether.  


Lisa is a Seeker of Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge which has been intentionally hidden from us to dim our shine.  The Alchemist in her plans to transform the world!  Humanity must awaken to their true potential!


It's time to POWER UP!

Lisa Richards

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4pm PST ~ 5pm MST ~ 6pm CST ~ 7pm EST

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