About Us

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Welcome to the world of pyramid power!  This shop and all it's creations are designed by me...Frequency Influencer, Pyramid Energy Ace, Intuitive Architect, Meditation Master, Dowser & President of the Pyramid Science Foundation, Lisa Richards.   I fly high on energy and those who do too will find their way here.  With the help of the cosmos, Mother Earth, benevolent beings and my talented team of energy artists... humanity will awaken to it's true power!

Pyramid Power is my main gig but I'm into a little bit of everything!  I love to read, learn and research!  I'm also into Spirituality, Manifestation, Orgone Energy, Sacred Geometry, Magnetism, Sound Healing, Color Healing, Crystals, Energy Healing, Alchemy, Organic Gardening, Sun Gazing, Electroculture, Beekeeping and Vermicomposting just to name a few.  :)  Nature is my home and I absolutely LOVE all animals!  

Since a lot of research goes into all I do...the products I sell are of the highest quality and are constantly evolving :)  

Skim the waves of the new incoming energies with the help of pyramid power and my energy enhancing tools!  It will be the ride of your life :)  

I have  A LOT to share and LOOOVVVEEE to geek about it!!!

Lisa Richards