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Cosmic Balance Energy Healing


A new form of remote energy healing which utilizes the cosmic energy of Pyramids, Healing Codes and Scalar Energy!

​Cosmic Balance promotes equality of body, mind and spirit so your body can heal itself as God has designed it to do.

Cosmic Balance is a Remote Healing which means the balancing energies can be sent to anybody, anywhere at any time.  During your session, find a comfortable place in your home during our scheduled time and just relax. 

Let go of negative energies and pent-up traumas and let the balancing begin!

russian pyramid.jpg
russian pyramid.jpg

Pyramid Power

A Stargate Meditation Pyramid with a specific angle of 76.345 degrees is utilized as an antennae and amplifier during your Cosmic Balance Session.  This allows a fast and direct connection to your higher self who reminds your body how to heal.   The precise geometry of this style pyramid has been intensely studied by the Russian government for the past 20+ years.  The research shows AMAZING results!  Stargate Pyramids are designed by Charlie Ziese and all capstones & accessories are designed by Lisa Richards.  Checkout Stargate Pyramids for more details.

Scalar Energy

Caduceus coils are a great way to generate scalar waves, and when those waves are infused with Solfeggio Frequencies, the body’s DNA and energy are significantly enhanced.  The use of scalar waves bypasses the filters of the subconscious mind, thereby providing a much greater acceptance and receptivity by our DNA to these healing frequencies.  Caduceus Coils are one of the products sold at Pyramid Surge and hand wrapped by Lisa Richards.  Read more about them here...

russian pyramid.jpg

Healing Codes

Healing Code cards will be utilized to aid in detoxification, restoration and enhancement.  These cards were designed by Brad Johnson and were created from pure Spirit Light. Brad's unique connection to Spirit enables these healing codes to be anchored into the sacred geometry of the card and transferred to you during your Cosmic Balance Energy Healing.  To learn more about the Healing Code Cards click on the link below.

Cosmic Balance Sessions are currently closed.  My focus is teaching others just how POWERFUL they truly are and that EVERYONE has the ability to heal themselves, others and the world!  Stay tuned for my new podcast, Alter Ether for more details. 
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