For use with all Stargate & Galactic Meditation Pyramids.


During our weekly podcast on Youtube called Pyramid Quest we discovered that the area right below the apex of the Russian geometry pyramid gives an extra burst of power! The Apex Amplifier is a platform which slides over the poles of your Stargate Pyramid and sits 1 foot below the apex.



NEWEST version of the Apex Amplifier!  Introducing Blaster which is a combination of magnetite, shungite and white powdered gold. Magnetite to draw in the good energies, shungite to purify the negative energies and white powdered gold to provide a faster connection and faster transformation!  Blast away with the Blaster!  

Use the Apex Amplifier to:

* Place your capstone or pyramid amplifier on it for added power. Promotes faster manifestations, deeper meditations & more profound balancing of the body. The bigger the pyramid amplifier, the higher the increase in energy.
* Charge your crystals
* Charge your seeds (2 weeks time is recommended)
* Charge water, then drink to get similar benefits as meditation
* Charge granite stones and place beside plants to enhance growth (2 weeks time is recommended)
* Place magnets on it for additional benefits

The Apex Amplifier comes in many different colors and bionized sand is added to each.  For an extra BLAST of power add shungite, magnetite and white powdered gold to it!!!  

Bionized Quartz Sand has amplified energetic properties which occur after a process of freezing and boiling the product several times. The same person credited for Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich, discovered the process of bionization. He monitored a plant as it was dying and saw under his microscope small, blue luminescent orbs leaving the plant. In the presence of a healthy living object there was a blue luminescent glow of energy. When sickness occurred that blue glow disappeared. Reich knew this blue glow was the life force energy. He discovered a way to attract more of this vibrant, life energy to an object. By freezing and boiling the product several times. This process didn't only charge the object but made it retain that amplified energy indefinitely! My Pyramids all contain bionized quartz sand. The sand is 97% quartz and through bionization retains a very high energetic vibration of power which will never dissipate from the device.

Magnetite is a stone of manifestation acting like a magnet to draw your deepest desires to you. It will open you up to the dualities of life and balances the male and female energies inside you. Magnetite will pull you away from unnecessary and unwanted situations and will uncover hidden potentials around you.

Shungite is the Stone of Life and is a very powerful, ancient stone. It detoxifies your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative or hazardous energies like electrical magnetic frequencies & psychic attacks. Shungite is also known to bring forth blessings and is referred to as the Stone of Fruition. Purify your body, mind and soul with the powerful, grounding properties of Shungite.



Remove the ziptie from the peak of your Stargate Pyramid (if applicable). Measure 13 inches from the top of each pole & place a mark. Secure a ziptie (included) on each mark. This will help secure the Apex Amplifier and keep it straight. Hold amplifier straight & place one pole in each associated corner hole. Slide the Apex Amplifier down until you reach the zipties. Reconnect the peak of your Stargate meditation pyramid with a new ziptie or one of my capstones for enhanced power. The Apex Amplifier will stabilize your Stargate pyramid as well and is highly recommended if the vertical poles of your Stargate Pyramid are filled with bionized sand.  

Apex Amplifier