The Copper Top was designed to be Eco-friendly and cost-friendly. It's made with a mixture of organic beeswax and bionized quartz sand. Each Copper Top has a unique design...some may look more like ancient ruins with some sand exposed and others may be more smooth on all sides but they will all embrace the power of the Russian geometry pyramid and amp up the power of your meditation pyramid! Don't worry, beeswax has a melting temperature of 151 degrees Fahrenheit so if your capstone is melting you should move to a cooler area so you don't have a heat stroke :)


This capstone fits Stargate Meditation Pyramids sizes Small, Medium and Large. This capstone accommodates 3/4 inch furniture grade PVC pipe, holes are embedded 1 inch into the base of the capstone. The poles to your Stargate Mediation Pyramid would be pushed into these holes. The capstone is 7.25 inches high X 3.5 inches at base and weighs approximately 3 pounds.


Bionized Quartz Sand-97% quartz sand is bionized through a process of freezing and boiling multiple times. This adds extra life force energy to the quartz and it will retain this high vibration forever! The addition of Bionized Quartz to this device makes this capstone a great device to charge your crystals!
Copper is a great conductor of electricity and heat. In the same sense, the color copper is a great conductor of spiritual energy. It can conduct spiritual energy between individuals, crystals, and the spirit world. Copper also helps develop your creative imagination and increases dream activity. Let copper guide you down the path to spiritual connection!
Quartz is the Stone of Power and is known to amplify any energy or intention. It’s able to rebalance the body and is the most powerful stone to enhance health. Quartz will attune you to your higher self and provide protection against negative energy forms. It will also enhance your aura and cleanse all your chakras.

Disclaimer: The product pictured is not the exact capstone you will receive. Each capstone created has different aspects to it's design but will always include the items listed above.

Copper Top Capstone