Our world is VERY stressful and chaotic!  We are on high alert constantly!  Your body needs rest.  Your body needs peace.  Your mind needs calm.  Hush away the chaos of the world and enter the tranquil, peaceful calm your body & mind require.   Hush helps with stress & anxiety, promotes better sleep, eliminates nightmares, and even quiets the monkey mind for deeper meditations.  


This capstone fits Stargate Meditation Pyramids sizes Small, Medium and Large. This capstone accommodates 3/4 inch furniture grade PVC pipe, holes are embedded 1 inch into the base of the capstone. The poles to your Stargate Mediation Pyramid would be pushed into these holes. The capstone is 7.25 inches high X 3.5 inches at base and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

Shades of Light Blue 

Shades of Icicle

Shades of Silver 
Selenite Orb 
Crushed Lepidolite Mica

Bionized Quartz Sand


Shades of Light Blue- Light blue provides clarity, honesty, and serenity.  It also weaves the connection to spirit for greater communication.

Shades of Icicle- Icicle is a shade of white with a blast of sparkle.  It represents endless potential and an awakened consciousness.  

Shades of Silver- The color silver nurtures your spirit and provides protection and peace. 

Selenite Orb- Selenite sets you free from all the negative energy around you.  It emits a soothing, calm energy.  Named after the moon goddess "Selene", it also utilizes the moon energy to rock you to a deep, restful sleep and helps quiet your mind during meditation and set you into a restful, receptive state. 


Crushed Lepidolite Mica- Lepidolite promotes balance and harmony to the body and mind and brings us back to our spiritual center.  It also cleans up the electrical smog around you which interferes with your spiritual connection.  

Bionized Quartz Sand-97% quartz sand is bionized through a process of freezing and boiling multiple times. This adds extra life force energy to the quartz and it will retain this high vibration forever! The addition of Bionized Quartz to this pyramid creates an energy device which can be used to recharge crystals and add energy to anything in the field around it.

Disclaimer: The product pictured is not the exact capstone you will receive. Each capstone created has different aspects to it's design but will always include the items listed above.

Hush Capstone ***Calm, Meditate & Sleep***