Take your energy to the next level with an Intuitive Design Capstone!  This is the most powerful capstone we offer.  It's designed to enhance your energetic needs by Frequency Influencer, Pyramid Energy Ace, Intuitive Architect, Meditation Master, Dowser & Owner of Pyramid Surge, Lisa Richards.  Each capstone has it's own unique design and is created with the highest intentions to assist your evolution.  Using a current photo, Lisa will connect to your personal vibration signature to determine which crystals and colors will assist in bringing your energy back into harmony.  Each Intuitive Design capstone comes with a detailed report which explains each element used in the creation of your capstone and how each element affects your transformation.  This report is in PDF file format.  The link to access your report will be sent to you when your capstone ships.  

Keep in mind that these are energy tools to enhance your energetic transformation.  When we constantly gravitate towards things we like we remain at the same vibration. So when I design a capstone for your specific needs at this time you may find it made with colors and crystals you typically wouldn't have chosen but this will transform your energy WAY faster than choosing one you would've gravitated towards.   

This capstone fits Stargate Meditation Pyramids sizes Small, Medium and Large. This capstone accommodates 3/4 inch furniture grade PVC pipe, holes are embedded 1 inch into the base of the capstone. The poles to your Stargate Mediation Pyramid would be pushed into these holes. The capstone is 7.25 inches high X 3.5 inches at base and weighs approximately 3 pounds.


Send a current headshot for your design to Lisa@PyramidSurge.com

Intuitive Design Capstone