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The Sand Castle is designed with PACKED with the power of Bionized Quartz Sand!


Bionized Quartz Sand has amplified energetic properties which occur after a process of freezing and boiling the product several times. An Austrian Psychologist named Wilhelm Reich discovered the process of bionization. He monitored a plant as it was dying and saw under his microscope small, blue luminescent orbs leaving the plant. In the presence of a healthy living object there was a blue luminescent glow of energy. Reich discovered a way to attract more of this vibrant, life energy to an object by freezing and boiling the product several time. But this process didn't only charge the object retained this amplified energy FOREVER!!!

Feel the power of the Sand Castle!

This is NOT a capstone. It was previously sold as a capstone but is now only sold as an amplifier. This amplifier is 4.75 inches high X 2.75 inches at the base and weighs approximately 1 pound. Place the Sand Castle under your meditation chair while inside your Stargate Pyramid or hold on to it while meditating. For an even BIGGER energy boost, place it on the Apex Amplifier platform (sold separately).

Sand Castle Amplifier