Amplify the energy of your capstone or Stargate Pyramid with The Nest!  This Amplifier is designed with the Russian Pyramid dimensions of 76.345 degrees. This sacred geometry shape has a very focused and powerful energy!  When placing a smaller pyramid inside a larger one of the same geometry the energy is amplified!  



The Nest Amplifier fits over top the standard size Capstones which are 7.25 inches in height. Place over the capstone to enhance the energy, place under your meditation chair, place over a glass of water or crystals to blast them with pyramid energy. It can also be used alone as a capstone on your Stargate Meditation Pyramid if the peak remains tied together with the ziptie. 


Choose from 4 different options...

1. Clear- to enhance pyramid power and allow the beauty of your capstone shine through with a frosted window effect.

2. Shungite- to enhance protection from harmful Electrical Magnetic Frequencies

3. Magnetite- to enhance the entire power of your capstone and attract more beneficial energy


4.  Shungite & Magnetite- the mother load of enhancement, protection and attraction. 


9.75 inches high X 4.5 inches at base.
The base of The Nest is entirely open.  

Does not fit on the Apex Amplifier. 

Disclaimer: The product pictured is not the exact capstone you will receive. Each capstone created has different aspects to it's design but will always include the items listed above.

Nest Amplifier